Why Should You Buy a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower?

If you want to upgrade your lawn care but don’t want to work any harder at it, you’ll need to find the best self-propelled lawn mower of 2016.

But why would you want a self-propelled mower anyway? Aren’t push mowers good enough? Well, that depends on a few things.

  • Self-propelled mowers make mowing easier because they only need guiding, not pushing
  • They have more power to handle tall grass and give an even cut
  • Not everyone is up to a heavy-duty workout wrestling with a mower
  • If you have a hilly yard, tough weeds, or other rough terrain, you’ll save yourself a lot of energy and effort with a self-propelled mower
  • Mowing will go faster so you save time, too

Make Mowing as Easy as Possible with Awesome Mower Features

Self-propelled mowers often have a lot of handy things built-in, like electric start. That’s true even of gas-powered models. And there are even more slick features that can make your lawn mowing easier.

For example, electric or cordless mowers are quiet enough to use early in the morning. This means you don’t have to cut in the heat of the day.

Gas-powered self-propelled lawn mowers have 4-cylinder engines so there’s no need to pre-mix oil and gas. They have more torque so they give a cleaner cut, and that protects your grass.

Many self-propelled mowers have 3-in-1 cutting systems, so you can choose to mulch, bag, or discharge the clippings. Switching between the options is as simple as flipping a lever, at least on the better models.

Rear, front, or 4-wheel drive gives you the choice of what works best for your lawn and your preferred mowing style. Rear drive is the easiest to steer. Just tip the front wheels up and turn.

Blade override, or a blade brake, keeps you working smoothly. With it you can stop just the blade from cutting without turning off the motor. This is really nice if you need to pause to move debris or toys.

The bail handle controls the drive—let go of it and the mower stops moving forward. No runaway mowers here!

Variable cutting heights are essential for good lawn care. It’s handy to be able to raise and lower the height with just one lever. Avoid mowers that want you to raise each wheel individually, you don’t need the backache.

Deck wash ports make it easy to clean the blade and the underside of the mower without having to tip it or lift it. Screw in the garden hose and let it run for a minute to spray out debris. Now if only cleaning the rest of the house was that easy!

Finally, the best self-propelled mowers have more than one speed to select. These range from a slow walking pace up to a brisk 4mph. A half-acre lawn may take 1-1/2 hours or more to cut with a push mower, but less than an hour with a self-propelled mower.

Spend Money Now to Save Big Later

Mowing with a push mower is a hot, sweaty, tiring job. You might be inclined to pay someone else to take care of it for you. The average cost of hiring a pro to mow a residential yard is $20 to $40 dollars each time. If you like to keep your grass neat, that could mean a weekly cut. In just fifteen visits, you’ve paid out the same as you would for a sweet, new self-propelled mower loaded with extras. Invest the money in yourself and give the neighbors tool envy.

Make Some Money on the Side

You may find that mowing is so easy with your new self-propelled mower that you’ll offer to cut other people’s lawns. Remember, that’s $20 to $40 each time!

Be Prepared for the Future

You never know what curveball life will throw you. If your physical ability declines, you may still be able to enjoy yard work with a self-propelled mower. But if not, it will still have a higher resale value than a push mower.

Shop Around: Find Your Dream Mower

You can find the mower that is the perfect fit for you.

Troy-Bilt 420cc Premium Riding Lawn Mower Review

I can say that Troy-Bilt 420cc Premium riding mower is an ideal model for your yard, especially medium size yard. The cutting deck with adjustable size and speed controlling feature, you will not have any problem. Enjoy the performance of the riding mower and have a comfortable cutting experience for your yard.

Troy-Bilt is one of the successful brands of lawn mowers that provide a good number of mowers for the yard owners. The features and size of the mowers are varies from one to another.

Troy-Bilt 13B226JD066 420cc Premium is a riding lawn mower is suitable for medium size yard owners. This is a light weight and small mower than other mowers in the market. The medium size mower can easily be stored in the garage or shed behind your house easily.

Let’s discuss the features of the Troy-Bilt 13B226JD066 riding mower in brief-

1.  Powered By 420cc Premium Engine

This medium size riding mower is powered by a 420cc premium engine that is perfect for the mowers. In fact, this provides enough power to the engine that offers 4.25 MPH speed to you. The engine is powered by gas and it contains 1.3 gallons of gas for per refill. There is also a gas fuel display that offers to watch the level of the fuel before starting cut-down project.

On the other hand, you will have a 6-speed transmission capability in the mower. For that reason, adjust the level of speed and ride the mower to cut tough grass to make the yard attractive.

2. Wide cutting deck

The small framed riding mower also has a 30-inch cutting deck for medium sized yards. Using the deck, you can have a well-sized grass in the yard. Also, this offers you 5 different stages for grass height in order to feature your yard as like you want.

The 3 in 1 blade is made from aluminum and the manual PTO system provides good performance for cutting tough yard. Moreover, the manual system has enhanced the blade engagement for cutting faster and smoother way than other riding mowers.

3. Ergonomic Friendly Design

Troy-Bilt designs the medium size mower perfectly and ergonomic friendly so that you can work painlessly. The high back end seat provides a comfortable feeling during riding the mowers. Moreover, the steering wheel and speed transmission placement is ideal for ensuring no painful feeling after work.

4. Frame and Tired Specifications

When you will look at the picture as well as the dimension of the riding mower, you will surely understand, this is a medium size mower for your yard. Coming with a package of features, this is a plastic made body with rear tires.

13 inch by 5 inch front and 16 inch by 6.5 inch rear pneumatic tires are featured to the riding mower. However, no anti scalp has been used in the tires for cutting the even ground grass too!


The Troy-Bilt lawn mower is very beneficial to use for any yard owners. The features and amazing performance will force you to work with the mower every time.

  • 420cc Premium Engine provides enough power to cut tough grass
  • 6 level of speed transmission helps to speed up depending on the grass size
  • You will have a comfortable high back end seat that is completely comfortable
  • No need to buy more accessories for the riding mowers while using
  • The wide cutting deck ensures to give a successful mowing experience


  • 30-inch cutting deck with 6 adjustable height
  • Gas Fuel Level Display
  • Ergonomic Friendly Design
  • Easy to store the medium size mower anywhere you want


    • Only contain 1.3 gallons of gas
    • Some people may not familiar with the high seat
    • No anti scalp on the tires


    Troy-Bilt 420cc Premium riding mower is an ideal model for your yard, especially medium size yard. The cutting deck with adjustable size and speed controlling feature, you will not have any problem. Enjoy the performance of the riding mower and have a comfortable cutting experience for your yard.

Husqvarna YTH24V48 24 HP Fast Hydro Yard Tractor, 48-Inch

Make sure you have enough space for storing the large mower in your house. Ideally, other features specially engine quality and driving system with free integration transmission is the biggest advantage for the new riding mower users.

Husqvarna lawn mowers are well known for its compact design, durable and high performance. Husqvarna YTH24V48 is another riding mower of the brand with powerful engine and construction.

Husqvarna YTH24V48 is a compact size lawn mower, suitable for your home garden if you are looking for a riding mower. However, you need large space for storage of the yard tractor.

The design of the mower is ergonomic friendly specially the height adjustable option and steering wheel placement. For that reason, using the yard tractor for your garden will be painless and effortless.

Features of Husqvarna YTH24V48

The features of the powerful and efficient yard tractor are discussed here shortly-

1. Powered by 21 HP Briggs and Stratton engine

Husqvarna YTH24V48 is powered by a powerful 21 HP Briggs and Stratton engine. By using two blade electric clutches, you can ensure good and smooth driving in your yard. This is a gas powered mower for big yards with wide deck. On the other hand, the gas container is larger than other riding mowers. It will contain 3.5 gallons of gas in its fuel container. As a result, you are free from taking the mower to the filling station before every cutting session. Only 12 volts are required in order to start the engine, so, it won’t need much power.

2. Adjustable Seat Height & Comfortable Driving Wheel

The seats are adjustable for different users and driving wheel is padded with foam. As a result, you can drive the mower comfortably for cutting the tough grass using the deck. Power engine and driving facility make the riding mower maneuverability and efficient.

3. Wide Cutting Deck with Size Adjustable Settings

You will have 48-inch cutting deck for your yard’s tough grass with adjustable option. Adjust the height of the cutting blade from 4 inch to 1.5 inch. Therefore, you can keep the grass’s length in your control using the yard tractor. The deck is enough powerful to hold and cut it in a single move over the place.

4. Frame & Tire Specifications

The front caster and steel frame are very strong in order to ride smoothly. Therefore, you do not have any problem to tight the tractor over tough and rugged grasses. The wheels come with anti-scalp feature that enables the tractor to remove even cutting grasses very easy. The front wheels are 11 by 4 inches and rear tires are only 18 by 8.5 inches.

5. Dual Hydro-Gear EZT Driver System

The Dual Hydro-Gear EZT driver system has made the tractor easier to ride especially for the newbie. For that reason, you do not need extra preparation and training for riding the mower in your yard. Moreover, the height adjustable option is also an indication that you can buy and use the mower for professional purpose.


The benefits of Husqvarna YTH24V48 are given bellow:

  1. No need any driving experience to run it
  2. Steering placement is perfect according to ergonomic principle
  3. Can complete yard grass problem quickly and efficiently because of efficient deck
  4. Anti scalp tire ensures to remove even ground grass of your yard too


  • Dual Hydro-Gear EZT driver system makes easier for newbie tractor users
  • 48-inch strong wide deck
  • Easy to Adjust the height from 1.5” to 4” size
  • Seat height adjustable with foam padded steering
  • 5 gallons of fuel capacity


  • Hard to store because of being a heavy weight lawn mower
  • Not suitable for small yard


Now you know the features, pros and cons of Husqvarna YTH24V48 lawn mower of ZTR brand. Therefore, this could be easier to select the riding mower for your yard.

Because of the amazing features and high performance of the tractor, you can also use this for professional purposes. Make sure you have enough space for storing the large mower in your house. Ideally, other features specially engine quality and driving system with free integration transmission is the biggest advantage for the new riding mower users.

Poulan Pro PB145G42 Briggs 14.5 HP 6-Speed Transmission Lever Cutting Deck Riding Mower, 42-Inch

I can say that The Poulan Pro PB145G42 riding lawn mower is an affordable riding lawn mower for the garden owners. You are getting all-in-one combination of good features that will improve your mowing experience.

Poulan Pro PB145G42 is one of the most suitable garden tractors if you want a riding lawn mower for your garden. This is from Poulan brand that is powered by a 26 horsepower V-Twin Briggs engine. As a result, you will have a smooth riding experience as well as fine grass cutter for your garden.

Other features of the riding mower are excellent to give you a perfect, good looking garden. In fact, the riding mower can give you a relief from pushing mowers and finish your task within a short time. The wide deck ensures full engagement, so, you do not need to ride one area again and again to have a good shape of the grass too!

Features of Poulan Pro PB145G42

Features of Poulan Pro PB145G42 yard tractor are discussed here in brief-

1. Hydrostatic Transmission Technology

 Hydrostatic transmission technology has used in the riding garden tractor for the users. As a result, you will not face any problem to ride the tractor if you can’t drive. This transmission system makes driving very easy and comfortable for any user. Use the 6 speed variations and customize it according to your comfort level.

2. 54-Inch Deck for Quick Cut

Moreover, the riding lawn mower has a 54-inch deck that saves your time dramatically. If your garden is too big to manage, this is one of the best and suitable garden tractors for your garden. Just think that you are just riding a car and cutting the tough grass of your garden too! You can hardly get a cup holder in a riding lawn mower in the market.

3. Perfect deluxe steering wheel with Cup Holder

A deluxe steering wheel is included in the riding mower which makes the riding more comfortable for the beginners. Don’t worry if you want to drink while riding. You do not need to stop cutting grass and go for a drink at all. Use the cup holder of the riding lawn mower and drink while mowing your garden.

4. Powered by 19.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine

As 19.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine is powering the riding mower, you can expect to get long time service from the mower. The 1.5 fuel capacity also ensures to avoid filling fuel now and then.

5. Frame & Tire Specification

The step frame of the lawn mower is not as small as other riding mowers offer. In fact, the large step frame allows you to getting on and off the machine comfortably. 15 inch easy slide helps the blades to cut the tough grass efficiently. Coming up with 20 inch rear ties and 15 inch front tires, the mower will give you a smooth driving experience. Moreover, the anti scalp wheels will help you to cut the uneven ground grass too!


Before purchasing any lawn mower, you will surely looking for the benefits that you will get from it. For that reason, here are some of the benefits highlighted for you so you can take the purchasing decision comfortably-

  • Easy to drive for the beginners
  • Efficient and durable power engine
  • Wide cutting deck completes the task quickly and comfortably
  • A cup holder to offer drink while mowing garden


  • Strong 5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 6 Speed driving Transmission
  • Larger step frame for comfortable getting on and off
  • Hydrostatic transmission system
  • 54-inch cutting deck
  • Anti scalp rear tires cut even ground grass


  • Only 1.5 gallons of gas capacity


The Poulan Pro PB145G42 riding lawn mower is an affordable riding lawn mower for the garden owners. You are getting all-in-one combination of good features that will improve your mowing experience.

The durable engine, easy riding option, big frame for step is really amazing for any mower. Although the fuel capacity is low, you can comprise it when getting some outstanding features with it.

GreenWorks 25142 10 Amp Corded 16-Inch Lawn Mower Review

I can say that GreenWorks 25142 is a natural friendly lawn mower and not harmful for your health. Because of having a zero carbon footprint, it is certified as eco-friendly mower in the market.

The GreenWorks 25142 lawn mower is powered by a 10 Amp motor that is enough for providing a great experience of cutting tough grass. The lawn mower comes with 7 different adjustable heights in order to give service to all types of grasses.

Moreover, this is an eco-friendly lawn mower with no maintenance cost. The wide cutting blades ensure to complete your grass cutting work within a short time. As you do not need any gas, oil or tune ups, you do not need to give effort to operate the lawn mower.

Feature of the Product:

The features of the GreenWorks lawn mower are efficient and amazing to the lawn owners. When you will know the specifications, you will be delighted to go with the lawn mowers.

1. Powerful 10 Amp Motor Lawn Mower

This small lawn mower is powered by a 10 Amp motor to cut any size of grass in your mower. The small motor is enough to provide good experience for any tough grass with its powerful deck.

2. 16-In Strong Deck with 7 height Adjustable level

Now cut tough grass with a large, strong deck quickly and comfortably because the model comes with 16-inch cutting deck. Therefore, no problem if you are in hurry, you can still give a suitable size of your garden grass.

On the other hand, the height adjustable level enables you to give shape to garden’s garden grass. Adjust the height size and run your deck to have a fine looking grass in your garden at any time!

3. Durable & Lightweight

The GreenWorks 25142 is really a good durable plastic body lawn mower for your garden. If you are not going to purchase any ride mower, this plastic body and lightweight mower is the most perfect. The plastic design body looks amazing to watch with only 39 lbs weight. 

4. Eco-Friendly with No Maintenance Cost

The mower comes with an eco-friendly certified because of not producing any carbon. As a result, this is one of the perfect mowers for people to work as well as for the environment. Just think, you are working with a mower and it produces carbon! You can’t work with a long time and surely you will face some health troubles. But, no risk with the mower!

Moreover, you do not need to take the mower to the nearest gas filling station or purchase oil time to time. In fact, you do not need to spend any maintenance cost for the home mower.

Benefit of the Product:

The lawn mower is really beneficial for home owner’s especially small garden owners. With some unique feature and easy-to-use control, this GreenWorks is really helpful to you.

  • It is carbon free lawn mower, so, not harmful for health and environment
  • With 7 height level adjustability, it provides secure way to start
  • Easy to start and handle the mower to cut grass of your small garden
  • No maintenance fee ensures good lawn experience 



There are a lot of things that go in favor of the GreenWorks 25142 10 Amp Corded 16-Inch Lawn Mower like:

  • 7 standard adjustable heights Level
  • 16-Inch Motor Deck
  • Durable Plastic Body
  • No Maintenance Cost & Effortless
  • Cord Lock
  • 4 year warranty


  • Motor is not self-Propelled
  • No multipack indicator


GreenWorks is a natural friendly lawn mower and not harmful for your health. Because of having a zero carbon footprint, it is certified as eco-friendly mower in the market.

A single push button enables the mower to start work and give an accurate size of grass within a short time. This is the most suitable mower for small home owners than other mowers because of its light weight, durable design and other unique features.

GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Lawn Mower

The almost all electric operation with the Greenworks’ distinct tools provide not only reliable efficiency and stability, but also give you a clean running substitute for gas power tools as well. Each Greenworks’ tool includes a variety of performance and also safety characteristics that not only assist you finish the same job right, but also they promise totally carbon emanation free operation to get cleaner environment.

The GreenWorks 25022 was created to help you look after your lawn without elevating up any cloud regarding gas emissions which is harmful for your requirements and the environment. It features a zero carbon dioxide footprint and supplies all the power you require without polluting air or forcing you to keep carting your fuel can for the nearest station.

This corded mower runs over a 12-ampere motor and comes with a durable metallic cutting deck using a wide slicing path in which cuts 1-3/4 inch to 3-1/2 inch. It features a side launch chute plus a rear assortment bag. The particular GreenWorks electric powered lawn mower movements easily around your lawn on the 7″ front wheels and also 10″ rear wheels.

Feature of the Product:

  • Corded electrical power supply:
    The GreenWorks 25022 consists of a potent 12 Amp and 24V power providing adequate grunt to cut from the thickest and also toughest of grasses. Since it is powered the main electrical power, you won’t get having to replenish on fuel or being concerned about preserving batteries alive with charging cycles.
  • Large slicing area: Your selection of lawn mower is frequently influenced by how big your garden is and just how quickly you need in order to cut the grass. Using a 20” hard-wearing metallic deck, the 25022 model supplies a good-sized quick cut.
  • Variable height:
    The position of all wheels may be changed, enabling an overall of 7 diverse cutting heights including 1 ½ inch. So with that height you can easily cut the grass or similar materials.
  • Compact and lightweight:
    The mindful thought which includes went in to the design with this mower will be evident from your ease of which it could be deployed to it’s utilize. At only 56 lbs, the 25022 model is easy to maneuver as well as the large 10” rear wheels and also 7”top wheels ensure push never concerns shove.

    Pros of the Product:

    • 3-in-1 cutting capabilities -mulching, raise collection and also side launch
    • Integrated cable lock aids prevents unintended cord disconnects
    • Powerful 12 Ampere motor provides challenging cutting and also mulching strength.
    • 20 inches wide slicing path supplies a great equilibrium of maneuverability and also cutting convenience of mid measured areas.
    • Rugged rubber-stamped steel slicing deck gives added durability.
    • Cam lock handle for simple flip and safe-keeping of product

    Cons of the Product:

    • Noise stage are louder in comparison to other electric powered push mowers however, not as loud being a gas mower.
    • Cord holders which slides back and forth but can’t hold virtually any cords


    Mowing a more substantial lawn with the Greenworks 25022 can be quite a real hassle working with plenty of cable and also extensions, constantly adjusting the particular cable and also accidentally unplugging a great extension. Having plenty of trees and also bushes or perhaps other unmovable objects within your yard may also cause you plenty of frustration together with cord management along with a gas mower or even a cordless electric powered mower is a better selection.

    The Greenworks 25022 can be an excellent bang for your buck. It only feels solid if you are using that. I always desire to write since unbiased as I can and also finding almost nothing negative talks for itself. So this machine is absolutely perfect for you.

What factors should be considered before buying Lawn Mower

Lawn mower is an important machine for your home if you have an open yard in front or back side of home. For that reason, buying a perfect lawn mower will become a major part of your task. But, do you know which lawn mower is best for your home?

If you have not bought a lawn mower before, you may not able to find the best lawn mower. Therefore, you should know things to consider when buying a lawn mower for your home. The following factors should be considered first:

  1. The type of a lawn mower
  2. Engine & performance
  3. Drive & Drive Control
  4. Power source
  5. Air Filtration system
  6. Blade, Brake & Clutch
  7. Wheels & washout fitting

Type of Lawn Mower

While buying a lawn mower, the first and foremost thing will be considering the type of the grass cutter. Riding mower, push or walk-behind mower and electric mower are the major three categories of mowers available in the market.

For that reason, you could select any of the type of mowers. Riding mowers feel comfortable as you ride over the grass and it will cut down in small sizes. Push mowers will need your pressure and force for cutting the big grasses but affordable. Electric mowers are pollution free and quiet to work but have higher maintenance cost.

Engine & Performance

Different types of mower offer different types of engines and the performance depends on the engine quality. 140-cc to 190-cc is the normal average engine range for the walk-mowers. However, you can change the engine of your mowers in future for getting better performance such as speed work, quiet performance, reduce vibration and so on.

Drive & Drive Control

Some walk-mowers offer push driving system and others come with a separate engine. You will have the driving control on the handle of the mowers.

Riding mower driving control is similar to riding a car, have brake and driving wheel to drive. Electric mower has similar kind of drive controlling system to walk-mowers on the handle.

Power source

You will get two power source to start cutting grass in your field i.e. oil and gas. You can prefer to buy a oil or gas task based lawn mower depending on your choose and easy to fill.

Air Filtration System

A good air filtration system is important to get long time service from a mower. Large pleated-paper air filters are used in expensive mowers. The air filtration system must be great for dirty and dusty mowing field. A simple foam moistened air filter can never work well with lot of leaf mulching yard.

Blade, Brake & Clutch

There are some certain mowers that allows you walk away from the mower although it is running or you can stop blades to cut leafs. The features are included in the driving system of a good mower. However, this type of mower is little bit expensive but it is efficient to save things that are on the mower’s path.

Wheels & Washout Fitting

The type of the wheels will be different from one mower to another. Tall rear wheels can easily ride over rough surface and small rear wheels are enough for a small surface. For that reason, select the model of lawn mower depending on the condition of your yard.

These are the important factor that you should consider when buying a lawn mower for your yard. Do not forget to choose the right brand to buy the best model too. From the above factors, choosing the type of the mower is the most significant part of any person.

GreenWorks 25302 Double Force G-MAX 40V Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25302 comes with a resilient and large powered 40V chargeable Lithium-ion battery which can be great as you can ideally charge that anywhere. In addition, it has any five slicing positions and also height which usually measures in 88 to 2.75 inches you could easily adjust in accordance with how short you need your turf lawn could be like. It is possible to either put it to use for bagging and also mulching. Hence, gardening may be easy due to the fact all you have to do is to perform the mower and also everything is all set.

GreenWorks 40V G-Max Lawn Mower delivers all of the power you have to get your yard looking perfect without the trouble of spilling gas or even extension cords.
Its ergonomic design provides a variety of user soothe characteristics from easy flexible handle, over molded grip, 7 inch rear wheels along with 6 inch front wheels for superior control and simple fold up handles for suitable storage.

This particular 2-in-1 mower features high performance and is made with the new twin force double blade cutting action with regard to enhanced cutting performance. Silent and easy to use, this mower provides the dependable performance and also dependability you require to get your lawn work done rapidly and effectively.

This mower comes with a dual blade design regarding higher slicing efficiency, employing two 10-inch metallic blades (supplying a 20-inch slicing deck). Regarding enhanced slicing capabilities, this mower furthermore features double motors to work all the 10-inch blades and a dual battery design to boost run time. Get up to seventy minutes of work with all the G-MAX 40-volt high-powered four Ah and also low capacity two Ah Lith-Ion Batteries (added to purchase).

Adding another G-MAX 40-volt high-capacity 4 Ah battery offers you almost a couple of hours regarding run time. You can easily operate the particular mower together with one battery at the same time or together with two totally charged batteries for performance. The cutting-edge lithium-ion technology permits the mower to perform at full capacity to the extremely last bar without memory after charging to get a lot.

Features of the Product:

  • Affordable price and sleek designGreenworks 25302 the great Lawn Mower comes with affordable price as well as sleek design. Everybody will be charmed with its attractive shape and size. It is durable and also easy to use.
    • Double Cutting blades, Batteries and also MotorsThis is probably the walk powering lawn mower that delivers some type of double benefits inside the aspects regarding blade, battery power and motor. Each blade is regarding 10 inches and they work combined with motors and possess two specific batteries to be able to power them.
    • 3-In-1 Efficiency Perform: This lawn mower may come together with added capabilities, and they’re really mulching, bagging and also aspect discharge. You’ll to capable to use the particular mower to mulch the grass during spring to aid thicken the lawn, or it is possible to use the particular bag offered to apparent leaves and also debris inside of fall.
    • Lithium-ion Technology: The cutting-edge lithium-ion technology allows the mower to perform at full capacity to the extremely last bar without memory reflect after charging to get a longer battery power life cycle. This entails there’s no more dependence on yearly servicing, hard to control pull cables, or spilling gas on your own lawn.

Pros of the Product:

  • Light weight and user friendly, this mower weighs about only forty-five lbs. and starts using a push of your button, removing all fuel hassle.
  • Raise and also lower the particular mower using a simple individual lever top adjustment including 1 3/8 ” to 3 3/8 “.
  • The GreenWorks Dual Force Mower can be a 2-in-1 together with mulching and also rear bagging features.
  • Make sure to obtain the entire category of tools to have your lawn work completed.
  •  Progressive Smart cut technology sets for power good thickness of one’s grass
  • Battery power automatically switches once it is often drained and it includes a 4 years warranty.

Cons of the Product:

  • The principal complaint that has been registered revolved around not receiving all the hardware for your plow.


Greenworks 25302 comes with a resilient and large powered 40V chargeable Lithium-ion battery which can be great as you can ideally charge that anywhere. In addition, it has any five slicing positions and also height which usually measures in 88 to 2.75 inches you could easily adjust in accordance with how short you need your turf lawn could be like.

It is possible to either put it to use for bagging and also mulching. Hence, gardening may be easy due to the fact all you have to do is to perform the mower and also everything is all set.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews

A well-tended lawn is among the first things people see while looking at your home and it is also a place where you can make a lot of fun memories. Maintaining a perfect lawn requires regular maintenance. To keep your lawn nice and tidy is something only can be done with a lawn mower.

Edwin Beard Budding invented first lawn mower almost 187 years ago for cutting the grass on extensive gardens and sports grounds. After that a lot of discovery and research has been done on it and today there are several types of lawn mowers available that you can choose from for different types of jobs. It’s a bit complicated to choose the right one, But don’t worry, here in this article you will get all necessary information about types of lawn mower and reviews of best lawn mower. Stay with me!

Types of Lawn Mowers

Below are the most common types of lawn mowers. You can choose one as per your requirements.

1. Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers are inexpensive to operate, comparatively easy to maintain, lightweight, quiet and eco-friendly. There are many electric models available today.  A drawback of electric mowers is that sometimes there isn’t sufficient power and keeping the electrical cord clear can also be a challenge.

2. Manual Reel Lawn Mowers

Manual reel lawn mowers are the most popular mowers in the market. They are quiet, pollution-free and perfect for the small-sized lawn. They deliver excellent results and offers a variety of standard features to make mowing the lawn easier. Some features include handle-length settings, pneumatic tires, and blade-height adjustment.

These reel mowers are usually lightweight which make them easy to push up or down in the small lawn. Provided the blades are kept sharp, this type of lawn mower will offer a superior cutting performance that is similar to any of the high-end models.

3. Gas Lawn Mowers

The gas lawn mowers are not much popular although they have an alternative energy option. They actually pollute the air as well also cost more to maintain and run.

4. Riding Lawn Mowers

The riding lawn mowers are developed for large spaces which require a lot of work. They may be electric or gas-powered and comes with a variety of convenient features, such as a zero turning radius, cruise control and joystick steering.

Most of these riding lawn mowers have the capacity to tow a cart, which is desirable for mulching, fertilizing or other similar lawn applications. A good model has enough engine power and strength to accept snow-removal, aeration attachments and tilling.

Riding lawn mowers make the cleaning process a lot shorter as well as easier. Some of them have a separate trailer in which cut grass is thrown away to avoid it to remain on the ground.

Advantages of Using a Lawn Mower

Mowing your lawn is very important to have a picture perfect lawn you and your family can enjoy in.  A properly cut lawn is very pleasant to behold. Mowing your lawn on a regular basis with a quality mower helps keep the grass short and neat.  It gives your lawn a well manicured as well as orderly appearance.

If you will mow your lawn on regular basis it will keep your lawn healthy and it will also eliminate some of the pests from the grass. Mowing ensures that various pieces of debris are picked up and are cleared so nothing really accumulates on the grass.

Mowing with a quality mower will allow the lawn to remain consistent in nature, because all resources that are gained from the sun and water are spread out evenly throughout your lawn. So mow your lawn properly and on time with a supreme quality mower to have a lush and beautiful lawn.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower For You?

Mowing the lawn is not only an activity which helps you to have a tidy environment around your home, but it’s also a very relaxing activity many people love to try every once in a while. The freshly mowed lawn smell and the way once feel after looking at a perfect lawn are two of the nicest feelings in the world.

In order to have a beautiful and picture perfect lawn you need to get a great lawn mower. There are different options for you to choose from which makes finding the proper mower a bit hard.

Lawn mowers can be set apart by different features. The most common feature is design. The design of mower will provide more or less comfort, different fuel and power sources and different outputs. Most lawn mower reviews 2015 will reveal on you that design is the first thing to consider. Making the right buying decision can narrow things down for you. If you do not have enough time to do necessary research I recommend you to get a simple yet efficient lawn mower “The GreenWorks 25022”. This fantastic lawn mower will do a great job. For more information have a look at Best Lawn Mower Reviews of 2015 below which are the absolute best currently available in the market:

Four Best Lawn Mowers:

GreenWorks 25022 Electric Lawn Mower

According to different lawn mower reviews 2015, GreenWorks 25022 is the perfect investment to make. It comes with a powerful motor which will cut toughest grass in no time. This entire mower is developed of durable materials so it will last for a lifetime.

It comes with 7 different height adjustments and multiple grass cutting options so you can adjust it according your grass type and you will never feel uncomfortable using it.

It is designed with Wide 10-inch rear and 7-inch front wheels for easy maneuvering and a 20 inch cutting deck for impeccable results. It also comes with 3-in-1 feature which provides multiple options for grass clippings from rear end attached bag, side discharge and mulching capabilities for versatile needs. Some customers complain about its bagger that it is a bit small.

GreenWorks 25302 Cordless Lawn Mower

For higher cutting efficiency this mower features a dual blade design, utilizing two 10-inch metal blades. Dual blades of this mower offer better cut quality, bagging and superior mulching capabilities.

It offers a 20-inch cutting deck which offers a great balance of maneuverability and cutting capacity which makes it ideal for mid-sized areas. It also features dual motors to operate both 10-inch blades and its dual battery design increase run time for enhanced cutting capabilities.

For complete yard work system its G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System powers multiple tools including 2 Batteries and a charger. Its Twin Force mower allows you to cut wet and thick grass with minimal issues with the Innovative Smart Cut technology, this technology sense the density of grass and delivers added power for the highest efficiency of energy use while mowing.

Once the first battery depleted to eliminate downtime its automatic battery switchover pulls power from the second battery. This innovated lawn mower is dedicated to provide quality and reliable lithium-ion lawn tools that offer best performance. If you have a large lawn you may need to purchase an extra battery.

Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower

It is a 18-inch reel mower which offers a cleaner cut without the hassles of oil, gasoline, electrical cords, battery charging or loud engine noise. This is 60% easier to push than other reel mowers. It delivers twice the cutting power to blast through twigs, tough spots and weeds that would jam other reel mowers.

You can set cut height from 1-4 inch to get best-in-class cutting. The inset wheel design of this reel mower allows the blades to extend across the full width to eliminate uncut strips under the wheels and edge closer to fences, foundations and borders than other reel mowers. Its unique grass discharge chute throws clippings away from your feet.

It is best to cut all types of grass, even tough southern varieties like Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda and Bahia. It also comes with a 3 year limited warranty. Some user complain that it is a bit heavy.

GreenWorks 25142 Corded Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25142 comes with a durable 16-Inch cutting deck by which you can gets the job done quicker as well as more efficiently. 10 Amp Electric Motor of this lawn mower delivers enough power to cut through touch grass.

It comes with 2-in-1 feature which provides rear discharge and mulching capabilities. It offers 5 position height adjustments which allow a range of cutting height from 5/8-inch to 2-5/8-inch to perfectly cut all types of grass. For easy maneuvering it comes with 7-Inch rear wheel and 6-Inch front wheels. Some users says that its height adjustment is not quite fine enough.


In this post I almost covered all required things you should know about lawn mowers. You can now easily compare different available lawn mowers and select one which best meets your needs and budget. For uniform cut make sure to mow your lawn with the preferred type of mower in dry conditions. Avoid mowing your lawn in damp conditions as in such conditions your mower’s blades won’t cut so cleanly and clippings with mass in large clumps.

Best Riding Lawn Mower Reviews

Most riding lawn mowers tend to be machines enjoyable ride and very cool to check out. However, they are simply a dream for a lot of gardeners who are able to not afford one of this simple powerful horticulture equipment. A using mower could be a practical period saving device for professionals in addition to for newbie or novice landscapers. If you’re one of these homeowners, lucky to keep a big yard, it’s really a good idea to purchase a riding mower.

Why you need to buy the Riding Lawn Mower?

There is an array of features and possibilities for using mowers. Riding lawn mowers may navigate a number of obstacles; these types of mowers feature front caster tires that pivot from sharper perspectives than yard or backyard tractors. You control an average ZTR with a set of lap pubs or levers rather than steering wheel, although a few models do have traditional controls.

While the Riding Yard mower does not handle all of the tasks the tractor will, it includes a higher ahead speed with regard to open areas and may cut carefully around blossom beds, trees and shrubs and landscape designs. So for above reasons you should buy the riding lawn mower.

Top 4 Riding Lawn Mower Reviews:

1. Poulan Pro 960420164 14. 5 HP 6-Speed Broadcast Lever Reducing Deck Using Mower, 42-Inch:
Product description:

Poulan pro 14. 5 HP generates 42-inch reducing deck using mower. The Poulan pro type of equipment is actually backed with a long history of development that started in 1944. This background is reflected within our line associated with powerful using mowers, yard mowers, tillers, trimmers, blowers, snowfall throwers, as well as chain saws. Four period and 2 cycle motor in the industry’s top suppliers help to make Poulan professional outdoor equipment long-lasting and effective. You depend on the tools to obtain the greatest looking lawn within the neighborhood.


  • Six Speed transmission with handle drive
  • 42-Inch reducing deck
  • 16-Inch change radius
  • 14.5 HD Briggs & Stratton motor
  • 20-Inch back and 15-inch entrance tires

Pros of the product:

  • Strong motor and transmission
  • Large action through frame to create it simple to get on / off the device
  • Six pace transmission
  • Step via frame design

Cons of the product

  • Only stands up to 1. 5 gallons of gas
  • Small fuel tank included

2. Husqvarna YTH24V48 24HP Quick Hydro Backyard Tractor, 48-Inch:

Husqvarna backyard tractors provide premium overall performance with high quality results. Their small size can make them simple to maneuver as well as require less storage space. All tractors features hydrostatic transmissions with regard to smooth, adjustable forward as well as reverse pace. Air Induction mowing and trimming technology enhances airflow inside the deck, making sure a thoroughly clean, consistent cut each time. For additional versatility, all models could be equipped with a variety of towable add-ons and mulch package for efficient lawn fertilization.


  • 24 HP Briggs as well as Stratton V-Twin motor
  • Electric Edge Engagement
  • Hi-speed, floor engaging generate system
  • 48-Inch reducing width
  • Delivers exceptional speeds as well as smooth, adjustable forward as well as reverse
  • 16-inch switching radius

Pros of the product:

    • Reinforced along with 14 evaluate welded metal tubing with regard to added sturdiness
    • Mower deck includes a 10-year guarantee
    • Fender-mounted reducing height realignment
    • 4 evaluate wheels along with a nose roller
    • Very easy to use

Cons of the product:

  • Not long lasting
  • Seem to be low high quality

3. Husqvarna YTH22V46 22HP Hydro pedal: 46-Inch:Husqvarna YTH22V46 Tractor, 46-Inch is actually one merchandise the precise is limited. The procedure for market location requirement much, it might make Husqvarna YTH22V46 twenty two HP Hydro pedal; 46-Inch may cursorily out of stock. Husqvarna YTH22V46, 46-Inch was created with the whole items for the gizmo being used. This item has a complex flavor sensation. So you’ll be confident in utilizing it.


  • 22 HP Briggs as well as Stratton Intek V-Twin motor
  • Hydrostatic handle Transmission included
  • 46-Inch reducing width
  • Cruise control included
  • 15″ higher Back Chair

Pros of the product:

    • Simple to use
    • Affordable price
    • Simple to Store
    • Excellent Design

Cons of the product:

  • Seem to be low quality and Unreliable but overall good

4. Troy-Bilt 420cc High quality OHV Using Lawnmower, 30-Inch 13B226JD066:

This Troy-Bilt Using Mower enables you to do your own lawn use less contact with exhaust, because the motor is within the back again. Powerful as well as reliable cost to do business valve engine provides you with better energy economy as well as runs along with less vibration. 6-speed transmission enables you to mow at the own speed. Operator Manage Reverse enables you to mow backwards. 30in. reducing deck provides lawn the clean appear. Large 1-gallon energy tank is very useful to long using times. It is included with long lasting steel entrance axle. Higher back chair is for comfort and ease.


  • Powerful as well as reliable 420cc 4-cycle High quality OHV motor
  • OHV design provides you with better energy economy as well as runs along with less vibration
  • 6-speed transmission enables you to mow at the own speed
  • Operator Manage Reverse enables you to mow backwards
  • 30in. reducing deck provides lawn the clean appear

Pros of the product:

    • Ergonomic Lightweight High-Back Chair
    • Durable metal front axle and easy In order to Store
    • High back again seat with regard to comfort
    • Compact design is simple to shop

Cons of the product:

  • A little bit costly
  • Not completely easy to use


Riding lawn mowers can be quite expensive, based on what manufacturer and options you would like. If you’re looking to purchase one brand new, you’ll definitely be looking for top riding yard mower for the money. And though there isn’t any one yard mower that is preferable to all the remainder, there potentially is the riding yard mower which exactly suits your unique needs.
Make sure that whatever options you select for your own riding mower would be the ones you actually want. The very last thing you want would be to end up getting a mower which can’t do that which you hoped it might. Be sure you’re really getting the thing you need before placing down the cash.